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Florida’s trucking industry barrels toward crisis as driver shortage reaches record high

Central Florida, FL, USA —There are thousands of open trucker positions but no drivers to fill them. Florida's trucking industry is barreling toward crisis.As the world grapples with global supply chain challenges, the trucking industry is short 80,000 drivers hitting a record high.Advertisement"United States needs 1.1 million truck drivers in the next 10 years; that's 110,000 a year; that is 350 a day," president and CEO of FleetForce Truck Driving School in Winter Haven Tra Williams said.Florida holds 25% of the demand in the country, according to Williams. It results in thousands of jobs that need to be filled."This is largely driven because of retiring truck drivers and over the road professional drivers and they represent about 54% of that demand," Williams said. "The other 46% comes from growth and economic growth."With fewer drivers on the road, truck companies can raise their rates and then businesses will feel that impact. According to American Trucking Associations, the driver shortage is leading to increased prices for consumers on everything from electronics to food. It could also mean longer delivery times during the holidays."Obviously there's been an increase in home delivery and business delivery because of some of the lockdowns and shutdowns," Williams said.

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